Process equipment automates laboratory techniques to the extent that little human intervention is required, and analytical instrumentation has developed to the point that scientists have access to assays which have no ‘wet chemistry’ equivalent. Mass spectrometry, for example, can’t be done in a test tube!

This instrumentation, naturally, is highly complex and its manufacture is very costly. As a consequence of this, those companies who manufacture and distribute and laboratory equipment operate in a rarefied and highly competitive sales environment often with epically long sales cycles. Network Scientific are experts in supporting the sale of this capital equipment.

Whether your company needs assistance in driving publicity around a product launch; telemarketing and appointment setting to get field sales people into meetings with qualified prospects; or market research to feed into sales-strategy planning we are uniquely placed to assist.

The combination of our scientific experience and commercial drive means that several manufacturers and distributors of capital equipment consider us to be an essential component of their sales force. In a sector where just a single sale can grow turnover by five figures, every meeting is a potential game-changer.

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